Product relaunch

Schwarzkopf is a very well-established brand within both the home and professional hair care and styling segments in China. 

However, with increased competition and more diversified product offerings, both from international and domestic brands, generating an impact with new products and sustaining interest in existing ranges are real challenges. 

A wealth of exciting choices has ultimately led to a reduction in consumer loyalty and a real need to engage users on a product, brand and social level. 


The Brief

To re-launch Schwarzkopf’s leading home colour range, Natural & Easy, and introduce 8 Precious Oils hair-care products to the China market.


Our work

We conceived and realised the 2018 campaigns for Schwarzkopf’s Natural & Easy hair colour and 8 Precious Oils hair care products. 

In order to boost exposure, we worked with superstar actor Zhu Yi Long, leveraging his position as a committed actor and his reputation as an easy-going authentic personality. His community of followers and fans also allowed us to reach a demographic that constituted the product’s key target consumers. 

We headlined the integrated campaign that we created and delivered with multiple TV and OTV commercials and other communication materials. We then produced a series of content for scheduled release to coincide with the defined seasonal promotional strategy. Finally, we conceived and produced a range of visual and PR assets for use in store and in print media.


The result

The campaigns substantially boosted sales both online and offline and in particular re-energized Schwarzkopf’s home colour range, bolstering their position as market leader. Digital engagement exceeded our targets, with 50,000,000 views, and 5,000,000 shares and likes.