Posted: 13th September, 2019

Where: Xuhui District, Shanghai, China.

Department: Accounts team

Salary: Based on experience






About teehee

We are a well established independent creative agency, focusing on the beauty and fashion sectors. We have a strong roster of international clients such as the L’Oreal Group, the Henkel Group and Philips. As a team we work very closely with our clients, and pride ourselves on our sense of ownership and creative freedom for each and every project. Our own internal production facilities make working on integrated campaigns, alongside diverse, dedicated and highly skilled colleagues, a natural process. We consider ourselves a Chinese agency, with an international attitude and outlook. As well as projects for China, we work across the APAC region and globally, so we foster a broad mindset. In addition to our head office in Shanghai, we have recently opened new offices in London and Milan. It is an exciting time to join teehee.

关于 teehee

我们是一家成熟的独立广告公司,专注于美容和时尚领域。我们的客户包含了强大的国际品牌,如欧莱雅集团,汉高集团和飞利浦。作为一个团队,我们与客户紧密合作,并为每个项目的自主权和创意自由感到自豪。我们拥有专业的摄影棚和多元的制作团队亲自把控质量,一切自然成型。我们自认我们是一家拥有国际态度和视野的中国公司,除了中国的项目之外,我们也在亚太地区和全球范围内承接项目,因此我们培养了一种广泛开放的思维方式。除了上海总部之外,我们最近在伦敦和米兰也开设了分公司,此时加入 teehee 是令人振奋的。

Description of the role

We are looking for an Account Manager to join our team in Shanghai. You will work across a broad range of project areas: from branding, packaging design and photo & video production to integrated communication campaigns, both digital and offline. 

You will provide structure and direction as well as strong logical thinking. You will inspire and coordinate other team members and ensure that everyone is happy and comfortable within a dynamic and fast-moving project environment. 

You will play a key role in developing communication strategy and comprehensive creative proposals. A meticulous attention to detail and an international approach to projects is vital: from conducting research and gathering marketing insights, to assisting in the preparation of proposals for pitches and projects, to budgeting and scheduling.

  • You will gain a specific and detailed understanding of your clients, their products and the market.

  • You will liaise with clients to understand and identify their needs and desired outcomes.

  • You will provide the creative teams with a clearly defined brief that contains concise information on the product, audience and strategy.

  • You will communicate with all members of your teams to ensure that they are always kept up-to-date.

  • You will oversee and coordinate all elements of your projects.

  • You will present conclusions, ideas and proposals to clients and within the team.

  • You will keep stay abreast of evolving cultural and social trends, as well as customers’ views and attitudes. In addition you will keep up-to-date with the best channels and tools available to effectively market client products and services.





  • 能够迅速了解客户及他们的产品和市场。

  • 你将与客户保持联系,了解他们的需求和期望的结果。

  • 你将为创意团队提供定义明确的简报,其中包括了与产品产品、受众和策略的简要信息。

  • 你将与团队成员保持沟通,确保他们随时拥有最新的资讯。

  • 你将监督和协调项目中的所有细节。

  • 你将向客户及内部团队提出结论、创意和建议。

  • 您将随时了解不断变化的文化和社交媒体趋势,以及客户的观点和态度。除此之外,你也将随时关注最新的平台和工具,以有效地推广客户产品和服务。


  • Highly skilled. You are a confident, professional Account Manager with the ability to work independently, managing projects, schedules and client communication. In addition you are a great team-player - able to inspire confidence and get the very best out of those around you.

  • Focused. You are able to prioritise effectively whilst maintaining a strong attention to detail. You combine shrewd common sense with effective commercial awareness.

  • Creative. You have a real appreciation for the creative and imaginative.

  • Digitally aware. You are a digital native and have a strong knowledge of all of the leading social, e-commerce and content platforms.

  • Informed. You are enthusiastic, curious and aware. You have a real desire to grow professionally within a dynamic company environment.

  • Written language. You are confident, friendly and effective in both Chinese and English.

  • Verbally confident. You are able to present information clearly, concisely and logically, and are confident communicating to the team and with your clients.

  • International. An international outlook means that you are a natural at working with global brands and teams.

  • IT literate. You are fluent in the use of Microsoft Office.


  • 业务能力强:作为能够独立作业、安排项目、并与客户沟通的专业客户经理,你能同时兼具良好的团队合作能力,能够有效沟通、合作并激发信心。

  • 专注:能够有效地优先排序工作,同时对细节保持关注。你能将常识与商业意识结合。

  • 创造力:你拥有创造力及想象力的潜力。

  • 行业敏感.:对数字营销天生敏感的你,对于各社交媒体、电商和内容平台都有深刻了解。

  • 时刻专注:你充满热情、好奇并时刻专注。你希望在充满活力的工作环境中实现专业发展。

  • 写作能力:无论中英文你都能熟练运用并理解。

  • 口语自信:你在客户面前能够像对内讨论和展示企划一般地清晰流畅。

  • 国际化:你能够和国际品牌及团队密切合作。

  • 电脑技能: 熟练使用微软办公软件。

Attributes & values

At teehee we share some fundamental values.

  • International & open. We don’t much like walls or borders.

  • Curious & resourceful. We are all hunter-gatherers - so go out and bring back the goods.

  • Honest communication. Speak clearly and make your voice heard.

  • Logical & ordered. In your work, your space and your thoughts.

  • Friendly, thoughtful & kind. We all work towards the same goals.

  • Inspiring, interested & engaged. Stay fresh, because all relationships take effort.

  • Diligent & responsible. We rely on each other.


在 teehee,我们秉持以下基本价值观。

  • 国际化及开放性:我们不喜欢设立条条框框。

  • 充满好奇及足智多谋:我们野心十足,诚邀你一起拓展前景。

  • 真诚交流:坦率沟通,我们洗耳恭听。

  • 逻辑性强及富有条理:无论是对工作、空间还是思路。

  • 友善、细心及和善:我们都在朝同一个目标迈进。

  • 鼓舞人心、兴趣浓厚及配合度高:保持新鲜感,所有的人际关系都需要努力。

  • 勤奋及负责:我们团队彼此依赖。


At least 3 years experience in account management in a recognised agency - preferably with experience of the beauty, fashion and consumer-lifestyle sectors.