Developing the Market

In a market hungry for new consumer products, skincare is one of the fastest growing segments. Chinese consumers are always on the look out for the next new international brand, seeking quality and efficacy. 

For Acqua Alle Rose, established in Florence in 1867 and one of the best known skincare brands in Italy, this was the perfect opportunity. 


The Brief

To launch and establish the brand as a household name in China within 5 years.


Our work

As part of the preparation for the brand’s official launch in China, we conducted a quantitative market research to gather insights and benchmarks to ensure success for the brand in China. This included brand equity analysis and the definition of local positioning and strategy, as well as the identification of consumer target demographic.

Our launch strategy centred around a ‘star product principle’ which maximized the selling power of peer-to-peer recommendations in China, by keeping the brand’s message simple and clear, as well as generating lots of native content. A series of brand and promotional campaigns delivered a youthful tone and style across popular Chinese digital channels.

We increased engagement through product giveaways and collaborations with popular online key opinion leaders, who wrote reviews advocating for the brand and its products. And we connected more people with the brand online by conducting offline product giveaways and pop-up stores.


The result

We helped establish the brand, selling cross-border, through China’s most popular ecommerce platforms. We developed a local voice and strategy, reaching out to their target and engaging them with authentic social content, promotions and campaigns. This equated to 30,560,000 views & impressions on digital channels, as well as 159,600 reposts, comments & likes, and 24,000 followers. We are now working to build on the successes and bring the brand in-country and scale into retail.