Child Safety Seat Campaign

The growth of the car industry in China has been well reported. However, whilst car safety and awareness has been on the increase, there is still some way to catch up with international standard and trends. Chinese consumers are generally receptive to new and useful information, if delivered in an authentic and engaging way.

This made the introduction of the new Porsche child safety seat an exciting and meaningful challenge.


The Brief

To convince local consumers of the need and desirability for child car seats - then convert those consumers into Porsche customers. 


Our work

We created a complete set of communication materials to support the sales of Porsche’s brand new range of child car seats, including key visuals, how-to videos and POS materials.

We then developed an online campaign to support the China launch of the product, and to strengthen the brand’s positioning in relation to safety. Through a competition, we gave parents the opportunity to ask their children what superhero they wanted them to be. We then made that dream come true for a lucky few at an offline event, which we filmed and made into a series of native content videos. This was promoted online by collaborating with dozens of local influencers.

We then extended the campaign through a series of children’s fashion show events in Porsche showrooms across China, bringing families together to have fun and to learn about car safety.


The result

As well as directly promoting and increasing sales of Porsche’s new range of child car seats, the campaign self-generated rich native content and increased engagement with the brand’s core message.  The main content was shared thousands of times and watched by over 2,860,000 people online.