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Where: Xuhui District, Shanghai, China.

Department: Administration & management

Salary: Based on experience






About teehee

We are a well established independent creative agency, focusing on the beauty and fashion sectors. We have a strong roster of international clients such as the L’Oreal Group, the Henkel Group and Philips. As a team we work very closely with our clients, and pride ourselves on our sense of ownership and creative freedom for each and every project. Our own internal production facilities make working on integrated campaigns, alongside diverse, dedicated and highly skilled colleagues, a natural process. We consider ourselves a Chinese agency, with an international attitude and outlook. As well as projects for China, we work across the APAC region and globally, so we foster a broad mindset. In addition to our head office in Shanghai, we have recently opened new offices in London and Milan. It is an exciting time to join teehee.

关于 teehee

我们是一家成熟的独立广告公司,专注于美容和时尚领域。我们的客户包含了强大的国际品牌,如欧莱雅集团,汉高集团和飞利浦。作为一个团队,我们与客户紧密合作,并为每个项目的自主权和创意自由感到自豪。我们拥有专业的摄影棚和多元的制作团队亲自把控质量,一切自然成型。我们自认我们是一家拥有国际态度和视野的中国公司,除了中国的项目之外,我们也在亚太地区和全球范围内承接项目,因此我们培养了一种广泛开放的思维方式。除了上海总部之外,我们最近在伦敦和米兰也开设了分公司,此时加入 teehee 是令人振奋的。

Description of the role

We are looking for a talent manager to join our team in Shanghai. We see this as a pivotal role at teehee: acting as a scout and advocate, to find the best new people to join and compliment our team as we grow; as well as a fundamental support to our existing team. You will get to know every member of our team intimately as you strive to understand their challenges, competencies and desires.


  • Manage the recruitment process: posting advertisements, working with recruitment partners, sourcing candidates, reviewing CVs and portfolios, liaising with teehee managers, organising interviews, taking feedback, checking references and presenting and negotiating offers. Making sure that a candidate’s experience is positive throughout.

  • Identify both permanent and freelance talent.

  • Employ innovative recruitment methods: including social media, professional networks, events, 3rd party providers and general partnership building.

  • Foster good relationships with all potential candidates, building a pipeline for future recruitment.

  • Encourage referrals from current teehee colleagues.


  • Help organise team events, outings and socials - creating opportunities to bond and relax together outside of a work context. 

  • Staying in touch with all team members, making sure that they are happy and supported so that they can achieve their best.

  • Manage administrative tasks such as health insurance, visas and salaries.


我们正在寻找人事经理加入我们上海的团队。我们视人事经理为 teehee 的关键岗位,作为我们的侦查员和拥护者,你将负责找到最适合的新成员加入我们,同时也作为我们现有团队的支持。你将迅速了解我们团队中的每个人,随时了解他们的能力、挑战及期望。


  • 管理招聘流程:发布招聘广告、与部门主管沟通招聘需求、寻找职位候选人、审核履历和作品集、与 teehee 管理层保持联系、组织面试、记录反馈、背景调查以及与应聘者谈条件。确保面试者的体验良好。

  • 寻找正职与兼职人才。

  • 采用寻找人才的新方式:包括社交媒体、专业人脉、活动、第三方供应商和建立一般合作伙伴关系。

  • 与所有潜在候选人保持良好的关系,为未来的招聘建立渠道。

  • 鼓励 teehee 同事进行内推。


  • 协助组织团队活动,包括员工旅游和团建,创造团队在工作环境之外增进友谊的机会。

  • 与团队成员保持沟通,确保每个人都对状态满意。

  • 管理行政事宜,包括保险、签证与薪资。


  • Resourceful & tenacious. You will leave no stone unturned, whether that is in finding the best possible candidates or ensuring that they have the most positive experience with teehee.

  • Highly skilled. You will have demonstrable experience in a similar or related role finding and managing talent within a creative and/or marketing context.

  • Detailed. From first contact to employment, you will make sure that our talent are supported and able to be the best that they can be.

  • Excellent communicator. Both verbal and written, you are able to strike a perfect balance between friendly and professional, and naturally instil confidence in those you work with.

  • Nurturing. You are friendly, kind and considerate and will always go the extra mile in support of our team at teehee.

  • Discrete. You will gain the confidence of all teehee team members in both professional and personal matters, and ensure that all sensitive information is kept secure and private.

  • Knowledgeable. You take a current and active interest in the creative and marketing industry.

  • International. You are at home working with an international team - with a mix of cultures, but a shared set of values.

  • Language. In addition to Chinese you are comfortable working and communicating in English.


  • 足智多谋及执着:你将不遗余力地寻找最佳候选人与确保他们在面试 teehee 时有良好体验。

  • 业务能力强:你拥有寻找创意与营销人才方面的可证经验。

  • 关注细节:从初次联系到入职,你都将确保应聘者收获最好的体验,以发挥他们的最佳状态。

  • 良好的沟通技能:无论是书面还是口语你都能在友善与专业之间取得平衡,透过沟通将自信注入同事。

  • 助长:你友善、温和及周到,总是愿意为 teehee 的成员竭尽所能。

  • 严谨:你将取得 teehee 团队成员的信任,并确保能严守机密信息。

  • 专业知识:你对创意及营销产业有专业的了解。

  • 国际化:你将与 teehee 多元文化但观念一致的国际化团队和谐相处。

  • 语言能力:除了中文之外,你也能使用英语工作并沟通。

Attributes & values

At teehee we share some fundamental values.

  • International & open. We don’t much like walls or borders.

  • Curious & resourceful. We are all hunter-gatherers - so go out and bring back the goods. 

  • Honest communication. Speak clearly and make your voice heard.  

  • Logical & ordered. In your work, your space and your thoughts.

  • Friendly, thoughtful & kind. We all work towards the same goals.

  • Inspiring, interested & engaged. Stay fresh, because all relationships take effort.

  • Diligent & Responsible. Because we rely on each other.


在 teehee,我们秉持以下基本价值观。

  • 国际化及开放性:我们不喜欢设立条条框框。

  • 充满好奇及足智多谋:我们野心十足,诚邀你一起拓展前景。

  • 真诚交流:坦率沟通,我们洗耳恭听。

  • 逻辑性强及富有条理:无论是对工作、空间还是思路。

  • 友善、细心及和善:我们都在朝同一个目标迈进。

  • 鼓舞人心、兴趣浓厚及配合度高:保持新鲜感,所有的人际关系都需要努力。

  • 勤奋及负责:我们团队彼此依赖。


At least 1 year’s experience.